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Uploaded 10 декабря 2010 г.

Recorded декабря 2010

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1 917 m
85 m
204,35 km

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рядом с  Kozhym, Коми (Россия)

Лыжный Поход на приполярный урал 4к.с. с восхождением на г.Манарага и г.Народа.

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  • Zenethian 03.01.2011

    Hi! I have some questions about your trip:
    Do you have a sledge with you on your trip or backpack only?
    How long did you go?
    How difficult is climb a Narodnaya mount in winter?
    Thank you very much!
    Martin (Czech republic)

  • Фото autmn

    autmn 03.01.2011

    Yes, we used sledge, because we had a lot of winter equipment, food etc. There were about 2 meters of snow In march and movement in forest zone is very hard. We spend 2 weeks to pass that way. Climb on a mount narodnaya is not hard, it is just skiing and walking, on rope was used. It was sunny, -16c and weak wind. But there are snowfalls goes a lot and hard wind. If you have more questions and gps map write a letter. Good luck!

  • Фото autmn

    autmn 03.01.2011

    No rope was used

  • Фото autmn

    autmn 03.01.2011

    No rope was used

  • genavorkuta 08.11.2013

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Хорошо оформлен маршрут, с интересными фотографиями и пояснениями к фотографиям.

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