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Загружено 26 января 2020 г.

Записано января 2020

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рядом с Tash-Bashat, Chüy (Kyrgyz Republic)

Nothing in particular to describe. The tour is short and very easy. Possible to do in 2 hours. You can also go further into the valley. Depending on the snow conditions, you might find some nice slopes. When we went in January 2020 there was not enough snow and we decided to go back.

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  • Фото JC_CA

    JC_CA 26.01.2020

    This was our first group tour with Erica and half a dozen others in ... 2013? Rarely has a lot of snow, can be windblown, but is a very good combination if you have friends or family who want to ski on the lift.

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