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Went with Han for a full circuit hike around Bukit Saga, Ampang and Ah Pek San, Cheras Awana on 31 Aug 2012, taking advantage of the National Day public holiday.

It was an eye-opening hike for me being a first timer to complete the full circuit.

Starting from the Bukit Saga side, we took a detour to the Ah Pek Falls, rested there for a while. Upon reaching Cheras Awana, we took a short break enjoying refreshing coconut drink. Han took a slice of honeydew melon while I opted for 2 slices of papaya.

Han's ration in addtion to the above honey melon were dates and a meat & mushroom bun while for me it was macadamia nuts and a small packet of Marie biscuits, courtesy of my son.

The return hike was quite a torture for me as I was striken by knee troubles and muscle cramps. As such, it was a slow walk all the way back. Thank goodness for the knee supports.

Bring ORS or isotonic drinks if you intend to do the full circuit. And stomach-filing food will definitely HELP a lot.

Wicking clothings a plus point. Plus a hand towel. A headband will be helpful too.

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