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  • Фото Zulu Trail - Griffin Bike Park
  • Фото Zulu Trail - Griffin Bike Park
  • Фото Zulu Trail - Griffin Bike Park
  • Фото Zulu Trail - Griffin Bike Park
  • Фото Zulu Trail - Griffin Bike Park

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рядом с Youngstown, Indiana (United States)

Zulu offers the natural integrity and tight corridors of a beautifully constructed hand-built trail. The trail starts at the top of the Advanced Access Trail with a drop down--the trail the crosses under a wooden bridge and enters a quick climb. From here the trail enters into three "ugly" jumps and then follows atop some ridges of strip-mining spoils.

Riders follow a steep drop to the right and pass where Zulu nearly touches East Lake Trail. After crossing some corduroy, the trail skirts the shores of two small lakes. Bikers then climb into a section punctuated by some steep drops (saddles, G-outs) with physics taking them from the tops of one small ridge to the next. Once section has a ladder bridge ending in a 1-ft. drop (rollable). A particularly fun section involves banking to-and-fro across the walls (not bench cut) of two small ridges.

MTBers then come across a rock garden after that, the biggest of the G-outs that has another short-but-tough rock garden at the top of the return hill. Ride or slide down to the trail beyond to another climb on rockier, narrow, off-camber track, followed by two smaller saddles and a ride across an over/under wooden bridge/drop feature to close the loop. Then enter into the flowing Zulu Trail exit--it twists through the forest and at the end can be exited to the left via rocky steps down to Advanced Access, or to the right through a squeeze between two trees a hook-up with the KA-BAR Trail.


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