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рядом с Jrvezh, Yerevan (አርሜኒያ)

First, 15km is smooth uphill on paved road. after that is starting steep and rocky uphill towards to Sager lake. The trail is mixed some parts are flat and easy some parts are too steep and rocky or steep but sticky soil. In the last village, there is the last water resource on trail. Be careful don't miss the turn to the lake. Lake is located between hills and it is not so deep and there are a lot of plants in it. After the lake, the road mostly is descending down but there are several uphills, downhills are longer then uphills which will make you happy Be aware there are few turns which you can take and ride to other villages, you won't be lost but it is not the trail, so be careful. Last 7 kilometres are steep and flat no rocks section but in the middle of the road there is deep part (made by rain) which is dangerous to fall in. After that 7km you will reach back to paved road and continue descending all the way down to Yerevan city.
Hardest part of this trail is the uphill untill to the lake, it is about 25 km.
Have a nice ride


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