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рядом с Step’antsminda, Mtskheta-Mtianeti (Georgia)

MTB, with Chauki pass on the intinerary ;)

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  • Фото sgkots

    sgkots 24.05.2016

    3 days trip

  • nugzilla 12.03.2020

    Hi! Do you think it is possible to go with trail on enduro motorcycle?

  • Фото sgkots

    sgkots 17.03.2020

    nugzilla - above Juta some part yes. But then it's a firm NO. Not even on a trail moto.
    I got my MTB (11kg) attached to my rucksack (4.5kg) and climbed - hands and feet that is.

    For Enduro or Cross - I'd check the road to Omalo and then up, but not here.

  • nugzilla 17.03.2020

    Thanks a lot!

You can or this trail