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рядом с Žďárský Potok, Moravskoslezský (Czechia)

There´s a plethora of both marked and unmarked biketrails to choose from on the ridges of Hrubý Jeseník. Be ready for challenging elevation gain and don´t expect to encounter any places to buy provisions. Except for the motel at Skřítek, there´re second to none. There´s a challet called Alfrédka but it´s been operating only during winter season. So if you´re up to get some refreshments you have to descend to the valley where there´s a couple of mediocre restaurants and/or pubs at Vernířovice, Loučná nad Desnou or Kouty nad Desnou.

The only place worth mentioning is the "Stará Pošta" restaurant at Loučná nad Desnou serving local craft beer "Kvasslav". However when we got there on saturday afternoon the establishment was closed to the public due to some ongoing wedding celebration.
There´s a fence along the park´s perimeter but the gates are unlocked.


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