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рядом с Majadahonda, Madrid (España)

14km circular route around the Monte del Pinar including what my daughter named the Snakes and Ladders section and what we have banned the Camels Back.
Possible offshoots to Pozuelo and Casa de Campo, El Corte Inglés and Monte Claro (for Boadilla)
Next to the wooden bridge the path splits in two. Take the path to the left that goes uphill.
When you get to the end, turn left towards Pozuelo
As you go through the metal fence doorway, go straight over. If you turn left you will be on the Pozuelo Path, right takes you to the Urbanization El Plantillo. This is the start of Snakes and Ladders
Once you have hone down the hill and gone up most of the other side you’ll see a path almost doubling back on your left. Take this path I to the heart of Snakes and Ladders land!
If you look around you’ll see more of these but this is on the path and the most finished.
Turn right onto the Pozuelo Path as you exit Snakes and Ladders section
Once over the bridge you can head off into Pozuelo, Casa de Campo or around and back over again into Boadilla.
Heading back the way we came turn right onto the road. Left goes to the Encinas urbanization but security will stop you within a few minutes!!!
Heading back towards Majadahonda turn left at the junction. Right takes you to El Corte Ingles or towards more private sections before El Plantillo but security won’t let you through....
Right takes you to either Camels Back or down towards the stream
Leave the ruines to your right and carry straight on towards Pozuelo Path
Turn right towards Majadahonda
As you go through the metal gate turn right onto the Camels Back
Down path following the road.
Turn right and follow road up past Grefa
And follow path towards train rails
Or follow to the right and continue parallel to trains
At end of path turn right onto the road to leave the park and head back to where we started from!
Good meeting place opposite the Majadahonda RENFE.


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