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рядом с Majadahonda, Madrid (España)

9km, 30 minute circular path in El Monte going through the Snakes and Ladders section (backwards), Urbanization El Plantillo, past the training grounds of atlético de Madrid, kids playground and back to Majadahonda RENFE.
Good for a quick blast of fresh air when you don’t have time!
Keep going straight at Camels back
Thus next section was named rather aptly Snakes and Ladders by my daughter. Today we’ll be doing it backwards but sure you’ll see why!
Look around and you should find more around here!!!
This junction has a lot of directions!!! Keep heading forwards but beer to the right.
At the end of the Path you can double back down to the stream or continue through the Urbanization.
Keep straight on path until you cone to the training grounds of atlético de Madrid on the right. Keep an eye out for footballers, fans and journalists that might get in the way.
Keeping the training grounds to your right, once past them veer to your right about 20m past the next roundabout
Follow the path past canal and when you hit the kids playground either go for a drink in Boca Grande, Central Mexicano or La Cata or carry on up to the right!
Following the path round to the right, past Canal installations, if you look out here you may see lots of rabbits!!! At the next crossroads and gate turn right
Once you hit the road you should see the house of Antonio the shepherd and his sheep and goats. Turn left towards GREFA here
Onto a earth path keeping GREFA to your right
Right will take you to the train tracks which you could follow back too.
Good area to meet up. Opposite Majadahonda RENFE.


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