201 m
185 m
4,57 km

Просмотрено 5 раз(а), скачено 4 раз(а)

рядом с Pimento, Indiana (United States)

This trail circumnavigates Stryker Lake and offers gorgeous views of the lake. Marked by the Yellow Shield "Lake Loop" blazes, the trail is wide and mostly easy but poses a few short climbs, fast descents and other challenges. The trail stars from the south parking lot and winds through the seven fingers while overlapping the Perimeter Trail. The Lake Loop then makes a sharp right at the Middle Entry gantry, and flows along curving trail. Upon passing a memorial to the right, the trail makes a left and then a right continuing to meander through the woods. Riders come upon a short climb and quick descent. The Lake Loop overlaps the Perimeter Trail at this point. At a stand of pine trees, the Perimeter Trail cuts off to the left and the Lake Loop continues straight. A fast descent brings riders to an intersection where Lake Loop riders will stay to the right, the Lake Loop stays to the right at a second intersection shortly thereafter. Riders encounter a steep climb and are rewarded with rolling, flowing track thereafter. Coming to a T intersection at the Advanced Trails Access, riders will bear right to stay on the Lake Loop. The trail flows mostly downhill for the next 1/2 mile and at the end circumnavigates a small pond. After a sharp turn right, riders climb some short hills and then begin a descent curving to the left. The trail flows relatively straight south and riders will make a sharp right to follow Lake Loop near the edge of the lake. This section of the trail meanders back and forth and offers some of the best views of Stryker Lake. At the southernmost part of the lake, riders bear right and the Lake Loop again overlaps the Perimeter Trail until returning to the south parking lot and completing the Lake Loop.


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