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рядом с Phinikaria, Eparchía Lemesoú (Cyprus)

Do this trail in reverse (from finish to start) as i have recorded this while going uphill. Very rocky trail not really suitable for mountain biking. Very nice views of the Germasogia dam and the Limassol bay.
There is also an alternative route for this trail.

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    fnark 08.09.2016

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    This is a very nice and wide trail/dirt-road.
    It's great to train your MTBing skills both going up and down.
    The actual Kyparissia hiking trail, starts further up the recorded route, on the left, before Prastio. And takes you down to Finikaria.
    It is fun up to a point, but then it becomes dangerous, as it is usually in very bad condition (big rocks, landsliding etc).

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