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  • Фото KA-BAR Trail - Griffin Bike Park
  • Фото KA-BAR Trail - Griffin Bike Park

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Uploaded 5 января 2020 г.

Recorded февраля 2018

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3,73 km

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рядом с Youngstown, Indiana (United States)

singletrack starts by crossing a wooden jump and advances until it meets a clearing and the end of Zulu. A left turn takes riders over a skinny qualifier (there is a slower, alternative line to the left) and after the bridge the trail turns right into some rolling, berms. After crossing two bridges the real work begins as riders encounter short, steep hills, rollers and saddles (G-outs) for the next 3/4 mile--this section is punctuated by a very steep steep pump, a wooden drop (with alternative by-pass to the left), some log jumps, another steep downhill and a downhill rock garden. The trail climbs and then follows a narrow ridge between a paradise of small lakes, one of the prettiest parts of the park. The trail dives down, crosses a rocky jump and then pushes back up to the next ridge. This downhill roll features a series of logs two small jumps and eventually a bridge over water and a large massive log-over. The trail swings right, crosses a floating bridge and then a stable bridge. Along the ensuing climb the rail crosses a long wooden roller and eventually switches back downhill. Another switchback puts riders into a small valley and the trail winds back and forth along its walls including two high bridges. A climb and a left switchback leads into the "Mandofun" downhill section, a thrilling section of rolling downhill track that eventually brings bikers to lake level. After a punchy little climb, an optional drop and a series of berms (or optional gap jump) the trail levels out and become a meander through the woods, eventually coming to a gulley crossing with three lines--an "intermediate" sustained corduroy to the right, an :"advanced" one-foot-wide log in the middle, and an "expert" tapering skinny to the left. The trail crosses two off-camber concrete slabs and after some final turns exits to Advanced Access Trail just across from the entrance to the bushwhack Trail.


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