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рядом с Rinconada, La Paz (Bolivia)

Half-day 35 kilometer mountain bike ride. I did it in three hours, finishing up right back in La Paz. You can take public transport from "Terminal Minasa" in Villa Fatima (Puma Katari bus or teleferico to get there). A bus to Coroico is only 20bs from this terminal and they are happy to throw your bike on top. You can request to get off the bus right before "La Cumbre". Ride east towards the pass that will take you into the valley of Hampaturi. The trail disappears a bit and you will mostly follow llama tracks. I got off my bike several times to walk. When you get to the top of the pass, you will behold commanding views of the highest peaks of the hampaturi range. At this point, don't let yourself get funneled down the main valley. You'll run into cliffs. Instead, stay to your left heading east north-east. It's still pretty hairy in the downhill there, so don't be ashamed to walk your bike down some of it. As the valley begins to flatten, you will intersect with an unkept dirt road. Follow this road into the valley to Aiuan Reservoir. Here, the dirt road joins the principal dirt road of the valley. Take this dirt road straight down the valley passing the Hampaturi reservoir. It's pretty obvious where to go until you get to the bridge to Irpavi. Don't miss this bridge, or else you'll be doing a lot of extra pedaling. You will arrive in Irpavi, a neighborhood in La Paz's "Zona Sur". You can take a Puma Katari bus or the Teleferico to wherever you need to be.


This is where to get off the bus to start the adventure

Subiendo al Cruce

Following some llama tracks to get up and over the pass

Caminando para llegar al Cruce

From here, I walked the bike to the top.

Entrada: Valle Jamp'aturi

Awesome views of Sirq'i Qullu and other mountains of the Hampaturi Range. From here, you want to aim to the left side of the image.

Nubes de los Yungas

A classic phenomenon in these mountains. The clouds from the tropical Yungas creeping up from the northeast.

Encontrando Camino

After struggling down some steep rocks, you are rewarded by a flattened path.

Represa Aiuan

Beautiful stream and reservoir in the center of the valley.

Camino de Tierra

Fun downhill all the way back to La Paz

Represa Hampaturi

Hampaturi Dam


The first village on the way down: Palcoma

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  • Фото tonnyblizzard97

    tonnyblizzard97 03.02.2021

    Fui. Y me perdí.. porque ya no había camino.. y había una quebrada que ufff quizá hubiera subido a pie.. pero ya era las 4 de la tarde..

  • Фото Matthew English

    Matthew English 03.02.2021

    No hay camino para cruzar de un valle hacía al otro. Hay que subir a pie. Y hay que tener cuidando bajando al valle de Hampaturi pq hay precipicios.

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