201 m
179 m
1,74 km

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рядом с Pimento, Indiana (United States)

Bushwhack departs from the SE end of the Advanced Access Trail. Riders climb a tall qualifying A-frame skinny and them immediately make a right into a series of many, testy rollers (mining spoils). After passing near a pond on the right the trail continues over more small rollers and passes between two skinny trees--barely the width of many handlebars. After crossing some rock gardens and rounding a turn to the left, the trail enters into a taxing switchback climb that crosses two skinny bridges. The singletrack then twists through thick foliage and riders eventually arrive at a short but steep climb. After the peak, the path becomes a series of fast descents, that lead to some switchbacks. The trail ends with a tight bermed turn to the right and a wooden exit feature that finishes at Advanced Access Trail.


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