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рядом с Čelebići, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Босния һәм Герцеговина)

I present in two tracks the traversal of the Bjelašnica group from Konjic to Sarajevo. The first track covers the Neretva and Visočica sections up to Umoljani. In the mountain part the road is rough and a strong mountain bike is recommended.

Outline: follow the Neretva valley to Glavaticevo. Here you are already halfway on the mountain. Along the road you find lots of stecci and rafting places. Notable alto the Boracko Jezero, which is a main tourist attraction in this region.
After Odzaci take the dirt road up the mountain. The pass is little after the archaeological site of Stecci Luka, located in a truly unique position.
The track features also the ascent by foot to the Baturak, where the whole of Visočica and Treskavica are in sight.
Pleasant descent to Sinanovici, where you join the asphalt again. Final ascent to Umoljani, with another important stecci site.

The mountain section is seemingly part of a Sarajevo-Mostar mountain bike traverse. Namely, you find some signposts about this. Actually, I also met some cyclist on the way, although not many.


Here I transcribe the text supplied to http://www.panorama-photo.net/panorama.php?pid=13730 :

Between Sarajevo and the upper Neretva valley there is a wide and relatively desert mountain area arising from the juxtaposition of three massifs: Bjelašnica, Visocica and Treskavica. In the middle flows the river Rakitnika, which digs a dramatic and nearly inaccessible gorge before joining the Neretva in a highly suggestive spot which is accessible by a pleasant footpath from the tiny villages near Glavaticevo.
The only populated area within these mountains lies at the very source of the Rakitnica, with the little villages Rakitnica, Umoljani, Sabici and Lukavac. Farther south there is Sinanovici and, isolated west, there is Lukomir, a very special place which is also a popular destination for a Sunday trip from Sarajevo. I probably will show Lukomir, high on the Rakitnica gorge, in a future panorama.
The easy access to the central area is from Sarajevo, via an asphalted road running also through the ski resort of Babin Do (see N.11339). The far-from-easy access is from the south side, with a dirt track starting from the little village of Odžaci, which is already well beyond the touristic business, based in Konjic, which puts together rafting on the upper Neretva and bathing-tanning on the shores the idyllic Boracko Jezero.
Along this track there is an incredible archaelogical highlight which I plan to describe in the future; however, to come here plan to be equipped with a strong 4WD or with a likewise strong mountain bike.
The panorama which I propose is strange in that it shows nothing of what one expects to see: both the Olympic mountains of Sarajevo, namely, Bjelašnica and Jahorina, are hidden by relatively minor stuff. To compensate for this, one has a very clear glimpse on Velez, the mountain of Mostar, and to the relatively far Maglic; which, at the border of Montenegro, is at 2385 the highest peak in Bosnia. In the larger version (www.panoramio.com/photo/96039703) left of Maglic; one also distinguishes the dolomitic mass of the Bobotov Kuk, highest summit of the wonderful Durmitor massif.
The right half of the image is wholly occupied by the Visocica massif, culminating in the 1965 m of the Džamija, meaning "mosque". This recalls to me the Toubkal massif, where the second highest summit is called "mosque" as well - Timesguida, in Berber.
The little summit where I am is an easy 30 minute walk from the nearby pass. I had been instructed not to abandon roads and paths in Bosnia, due to the danger of mines, but I saw local people collecting huckleberries with professional combs - not to speak of the many sheep grazing all around. And actually they (the locals, of course, not the sheep...) guaranteed to me that the whole Bjelašnica - Visocica is totally safe under this respect.

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Viewpoint after Kašići

Here begins the steep descent of the path towards the Rakitnica.


One of the loveliest hamlets along the trail

Refuge at Umoljani

A very pleasant stay.
Храмовая архитектура

Mosque of Umoljani

Also teased as "the rocket mosque"...
Археологический памятник

Stećci Umoljani

Wonderful site.

Fork to Umoljani

The narrow road to Umoljani has a steep start here.


Here the mountain-biking job is finished, and the asphalt is found again.

Saddle below Puzim

Here the descent continues left.


An secondary summit of the Visočica group.

Mountain pass

Highest point reached by bicycle.


Few metres short of the pass
Археологический памятник

Stećci Luka

Exquisite archaeological site, in superb position.

Lush meadows

Little below Stećci Luka

Fork after Odžaci

Go straight here.


Last significant village before the crossing of the mountain.

Villa Neretva

Hotel located in exceptionally quiet position.

Mušičarska staza




Bridge on Rakitnica

Lonely place in the middle of the forest.

Neretva - Rakitnica confluence

The confluence of the to rivers. Very wild spot, with only one house.



Village near Kašići


Rope bridge


Boračko jezero

Very famous in the district, and full of local tourists.


Viewpoint on Boračko Jezero.
Храмовая архитектура


Little village with a nice church.
Археологический памятник

Kaursko groblje

A site with many stećci.


You see the mix of several wars here...
Храмовая архитектура

Konjic mosque



Man centre of the upper Neretva valley.
Храмовая архитектура

Čelebići mosque

Modern building in beautiful position.



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