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рядом с Zamora, Castilla y León (España)

-Exit the Plaza Mayor for San Torcuato street, the Tres Cruces avenue and go past the bus station to continue on the right for Antón Centenera street, until the end. Continue along the street of Las Llamas to the bridge that crosses the railway line. Cross and turn right and at 300m for the second option, still Calle de las Llamas, towards the highway. Before, turn right to the Valderaduey river (1). Km 6.5

Go under the highway to the left and follow the path next to the river, without leaving it, until the small bridge. Km 9.5 (See Note) *
Cross to return on the other side of the river, either by the path next to the river or by the parallel trail that goes to Zamora, about 500 m from the bridge. Pass again under the highway, now on the other side, and continue along the main trail, go through two bridges, until you reach the N -122 road. 200m on the right find the cross and the bike path next to the Gas Station. Join the bike path on the left to continue along the (1) Valderaduey to its mouth in the Duero. Km 13.5

Continue along the Duero (2) to the stone bridge. When crossing the bridge, leave the path and enter the city by the little street of Puente Street, in front of it. At about 250m and on the left go up, along the beautiful Balborraz street, to the Plaza Mayor. Km 18.0

Note: By the dirt road on the left just after crossing and always as close to the river as possible, you will reach Molacillos village to visit its genuine church (3), the bridge (4), and the roman site at Teso de la Mora (5). To return, follow the same route (Total 17,0 Km).
Highlights of the route:
(1) - The riverside of Valderaduey, its mouth in the Duero.
(2) - Los Tres Árboles forest and the path between the New and Stone bridges.
- In Molacillos:
(3) • The Church of San Martín de Tours, of Levantine Baroque style (Well of Cultural Interest) (To visit, call Mr. Juan Manuel Manzano): 665 586 381)
(4) • The Roman cisterns in the Teso de la Mora (Well of Cultural Interest). At 15 min, by the ZA - 711, upstream.
(5) • Romanesque bridge wih the coat of arms of Andrés Mayoral.

Bridge over Railway

Маршрутная точка

Calle las Llamas

Маршрутная точка

Under highway

Место наблюдения за птицами

Flora & Birds

Маршрутная точка

Walking break 300m



Маршрутная точка

Start of extra route

Храмовая архитектура

San Martín de Tours Church


Romanesque bridge

Археологические раскопки

EL Teso del Castro Archaeological site


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