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рядом с Zamora, Castilla y León (España)

-Exit the Plaza Mayor, along Calle Sacramento, turn right onto Calle Barandales and turn left again onto the narrow Calle de Carniceros until San Martín Park. Go down to the road that circles the wall of Zamora, in the direction of the Duero. After a large crossing, and just after the first houses in the neighborhood of Olivares, turn right into Calle Santiago el Viejo, towards the Church of Santiago de los Caballeros (1). Border Olivares towards its water mills (2). Further upstream, cross over the stone bridge. Continue on the left towards the watermills of Cabañales (3) to enter the Duero trail, 200m later. Continue upstream to the Pinilla water mills, circle them to go back down to the river. Km 7.0

-Pass the wooden walkway and the Compadres fountain to hit the road. Continue a few meters to take the asphalted road of San Miguel, on your left. Follow it, sometimes by asphalt others by dirt road always close to the water channel, until an obvious junction. Then, turn left towards the river and keep for about 1500m. When finding the small housing and wooden pier of the rowing cub, turn right to go to the town of Villaralbo (4). Cross the first asphalted road, on the second one go to the right towards the (4) church of Villaralbo *. Km 14,5
To return to Zamora go to Casa Aurelia Hotel. Then, either follow, slightly left, the Calle del Río to the Duero, turn left and before the water channel turn onto the dirt road on the right and stick to it; or follow the GR14 on your left (Beware, in summer is full of thorns), to reach the Pinilla watermills (5) and enter Zamora through the Iron Bridge. Km 24,0

* Note: From Villaralbo, at about 6 km, on the road to Villalazán, find and visit the Roman archaeological sites of 'Valcuevo-Los Castros' (6) and 'El Alba'. Leave Villaralbo towards Villalazán and 200m from the crossroads, slightly to the left, take the dirt road that accompanies the water channel, San José, until you get back to the road. A kilometer ahead isthe roman site. Return to Villaralbo on the road or by the water channel way.

Highlights of the route:
- (1) Church of Santiago de los Caballeros
- (2) Olivares Watermills
- (3) Cabañales Watermills
- (4) Our Lady of the Assumption and houses of the late XIX century at Villaralbo.
- (5) Pinilla Watermills
- (6) Roman sites of Valcuevo.
Храмовая архитектура

Santiago de los Caballeros, XI century Church


Olivares Watermils and jetty


Stone bridge

Место наблюдения за птицами

Cabañales watermills




Pinilla watermills


Compadres fountain


Splendid views


Splendid views

Спортивный комплекс

Villaralbo Rowing club and tiny wooden pier

Храмовая архитектура

Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, XVI / Church


End of XIX century buildings.


Return to Zamora or extra route to archaeological site


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