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рядом с Zamora, Castilla y León (España)

- Leave the Plaza Mayor down the Balborraz street until you reach the Duero river. Then, turn right and cross the stone bridge. Continue straight along Calle Cabañales (1). (The trip to Morales is through the "signalized path of Morales"). Continue and once the cemetery roundabout is on your back, leave the asphalt and take the aside dirt road, follow it towards Cristo de Morales (2). Km 5.
At the exit of Cristo de Morales, in the small roundabout go to the left, ZA-305 road. After a stretch of 500 meters take on the left the path, Camino Cuesta Blanca, towards Morales. Km 9.
-Go round the town by the signposted side-walk and the service road, accompanying the N-630. When reaching Calle San Salvador, with a supermarket at the entrance, cross the road on the left and continue as before, along a few meters, to finally enter the town. At 300m on the right, find Plaza Diputación, leave it for the Carretera de Arcenillas and continue until the end. Cross the CL-605 road to go towards the Our Lady of the Assumption church (3) that is seen in the background, in the town of Arcenillas. Km 14,5
-Lead up Calle El Pozo and at the town hall square take Calle Villaralbo on the left. Pass the pharmacy and turn left and after 100m take Calle de la Cabañales, which emerges on the right. Continue until reaching the ZA-610 road, go left and soon take the asphalted road that comes on the right, straight to Villaralbo (4). Km 19 .
-Cross the road ZA-P 1102, continue for 300m and turn left to Calle Julio Luelmo. Enjoy the village, architecture and church. Then, either find Calle del Río, untill the Duero, then turn left and just before the water channel turn onto the dirt road on the righ and never abandon it, or by the GR14 (Beware, in summer is full of thorns), to reach the Pinilla watermills (5) and enter Zamora through the Iron Bridge. Km 25,0

Highlights of the route:

- (1) Cabañales neighborhood, and the Holy Sepulchre XII century church.
- (2) Cristo de Morales Hermitage, XVI century: pilgrimage, legend and tradition
- (3) Our Lady of the Assumption, XV century church, with Spanish-Flemish tables.
- (4) Villaralbo and its houses of the late XIX century.
- (5) Pinilla Watermills


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