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рядом с Zamora, Castilla y León (España)

- Leave the Plaza Mayor down Calle Balborraz until reaching the Duero river. Then, turn right and cross the stone bridge. Continue straight along Calle Cabañales (1). (The trip to Morales is through the "signalized path of Morales"). On your left there is a stone wall of the Convent of Santa María la Real, and at the end there is a crossroads. Continue along the second road on the left, Calle San Jerónimo, also with a stone wall, but on its right side. Once at the roundabout, cross it and continue straight, leaving the installations of the "Ruta de la Plata" football field (2) on our left. At the junction at about 200m turn hard to the left. Then at about 500m on the right turn along the path to Cristo de Morales (3). Km 5.0.

At the exit of Cristo de Morales, in the small roundabout go to the left, road ZA-305. After a stretch of 500 meters take the left the path, Cuesta Blanca, towards Morales. Km 9.0.
About 400 meters down the signposted sidewalk, accompanying the N-630, find and follow Calle Trancal on your right, cross the ZA-305 road, keep straight along the street, cross the train track and turn right to follow the Camino de Santiago of the “Vía de la Plata – Cicle Route”, to Zamora. Km 18.0

This route can be shortened 6 km. At the exit of Cristo de Morales, in the small roundabout go to the left and continue 650m instead, towards another roundabout. Then, turn right, change the tarmac for the near by trail and follow the “Camino de Santiago-Cycling Route” to Zamora.
Highlights of the route:
- (1) Cabañales neighbourhood.
- (2) Zamora Football Club Stadium "Ruta de la Plata".
- (3) Cristo de Morales Hermitage, XVI century: pilgrimage, legend and tradition
- (4) Splendid views from San Frontis. San Frontis Romanesque Church, XIII century.

Cabañales neighborhood, and the Holy Sepulchre XII century Church


Zamora Football Club Stadium


Splendid views

Храмовая архитектура

Romanesque church XIII century

Маршрутная точка


Храмовая архитектура

Hermitage and pilgrimage


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