3 397 m
1 955 m
287,03 km

Просмотрено 55 раз(а), скачено 6 раз(а)

рядом с Baetovo, Naryn (Kyrgyz Republic)

Etap 4. wyprawy do Kirgistanu

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  • Фото Urwald

    Urwald 17.07.2019

    Hello! Nice route!

    How is the Baetov - Tash Rabat route?

    Doable in big motorbikes?

  • akos_pl 17.07.2019

    Finally we didn't drive this part of the stage, but according to opinion of my experienced friend this route is ok for big bikes. Additionally there is one of the most picturesque passes between Baetov and Tash Rabat.

  • Фото Urwald

    Urwald 18.07.2019

    Thank you for the feedback, We are going in August and we were not sure about this part.

    Nice blog btw, I translated it with google, Kyrgyzstan looks amazing!

    Ride safe!

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