130,31 км

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2 472 м

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2 476 м

Макс. высота

611 м


27 5

Мин. подъем

134 м

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В одну сторону
  • Фото Scotch Corner - Richmond and Wensleydale
  • Фото Water crossing


7 часов 2 минут




19 марта 2017 г.


марта 2017
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4 комментариев
611 м
134 м
130,31 км

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рядом с Scotch Corner, England (United Kingdom)

Scotch Corner - Richmond

Water crossing

Water crossing

Village green


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4 комментариев

  • Фото Chris Lant

    Chris Lant 4 апр. 2017 г.

    A very pleasant off road trail round a beautiful area. Some slightly challenging stretches but nothing anyone couldn't do. Due to ground clearance issues, not suitable for Freelander.

  • Фото JayJo2019

    JayJo2019 14 нояб. 2020 г.

    Я был на этом маршруте  Посмотреть еще

    This is the first trail/route I’ve done ‘off roading’ and I was a little nervous for my abilities as a driver, and also for what my 4x4 could do. I was pleasantly surprised with both, more so for the 4x4.!
    A great route, albeit I was surprised as to how much tarmac was on the route, but I guess that is the case for most trails/routes!
    Glad I took my lad who spotted for me on a few occasions. I probably need to go out with other trail blazers to build more confidence and places to go.

  • Фото Chris Lant

    Chris Lant 14 нояб. 2020 г.

    Glad you enjoyed it. As you say, most routes involve some tarmac as days out tend to consist of short tracks linked together by roads. I could have left the tarmac out of the route but then you'd be searching for multiple start points. Some of my other routes have more off road tracks incorporated but always be aware when following wikiloc routes things can change and routes may alter or be closed. I also try to adhere to the glass code of conduct when out and avoid areas where damage could be caused by usage.

  • Фото JayJo2019

    JayJo2019 14 нояб. 2020 г.

    Thanks for the reply message Chris and great advice too 👍🏻

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