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10,48 км

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рядом с Baunei, Sardegna (Italia)

Nome: 2014-06-29 09:11
Orario inizio: 06/29/2014 09:12Orario fine: 06/29/2014 10:29Distanza: 10,5 km (01:16)Tempo movimento: 00:49Media segmento attuale: 8,2 km/hMedia veloc. mov.: 12,8 km/hMax. Velocità: 39,4 km/hAltitudine minima: 440 mAltitudine massima: 777 mVelocità di salita: 1323,1 m/hVelocità di discesa: -786,1 m/hGuadagno di elevazione: 455 mPerdita di elevazione: -635 mTempo di salita: 00:20Tempo di discesa: 00:48
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Маршрутная точка

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  • flyingdoctor99 03.07.2014

    I met Peppo1967 in the woods when he came back from this track. He was so kind to hand it over to me and so we had a great drive and walk to a beautiful sight.
    Thanks, and have a nice time in Sardegna.

  • flyingdoctor99 03.07.2014

    Я был на этом маршруте  Посмотреть еще

    the part on foot is marked with a red spot and/or rockpiles.
    Caution: offroad

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