• Фото Bish Road
  • Фото Bish Road
  • Фото Bish Road
  • Фото Bish Road
  • Фото Bish Road
  • Фото Bish Road

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рядом с Kitamaat Village, British Columbia (Canada)

Took a drive to the end of Bish service Road along the Douglas Channel in Kitimat. Spectacular views all around and a tiny peek of Jesse Lake at one point with a beautiful view of the Douglas Channel at the end of the logging road. A 4wheeler is needed to get to the end of the road.

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    SteveBC 15.07.2017

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    Access to the 12km mark is by high speed logging road as it was upgraded to access the proposed LNG terminal site. Past 12 km is rough road but can be accessed by almost anything if you drive smart and slow. Good views of the Douglas Channel at various points. Be aware that the road past 12 km may be blocked by logging contractors working past km 16.

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