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рядом с Shimmiyakoda, Shizuoka (Japan)

Miyakoda Sogo Park is one of the most popular athletic parks in Hamamatsu. The park is best known by short grass slope for sledging. The park also has 1.6 kilometer running course but it is a bit too steep for beginners and the course is shared by lots of park visitors. For serious runners I recommend the grass/dirt 540 meter track usually used as multi-purpose grounds for events. When it is unoccupied it is a good place for joggers. The circuit starts from the clock tower and the first 200 meters is neat free of grass but the rest is a bit grassy. If you get used to it you will love this circuit because it is nearly flat. This multipurpose ground is close to the south parking space.
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This area is used for multi-purpose ground and this is a nice place for athletic events. It is a nice place for family visitors to enjoy picnic, too. Particularly during azalea season. The 540-meter circuit starts from the clock tower. Its first 200 meter track is clean and not grassy.
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Trail 2

Until around this place near the toilet you may be able to run comfortably.
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Trail 3

During April to May you can enjoy the views of azaleas.
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Trail 4

This ground is fit for various kinds of recreational activities. When I was walking around the trail I encountered the group of people enjoying the unique ball game I have never seen.

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