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This was our fourth day of a 5 day trip from Whitney to Cache Lake. We stayed on an island campsite (with 2 sites) near the middle of Lake Louisa. The first portage is mostly uphill (510 meters long) followed by a short paddle on Rod & Gun Lake (no campsites here). The second portage (470 meters) is mostly down and takes you to Lawrence Lake. Follow the lakes bend to the left (west) and your third portage of the day is a short 10 meter haul north over to Pardee Lake. Another short paddle is followed by a 145 meter portage around the falls and you are on your way to Harness Lake. Head north on the lake for a little more than a kilometer and the portage is just to the left of a river flowing out of the lake. The final (and fifth) portage is the longest portage of the day and was muddy and crowded on our trip when we ran into a group coming in from Head Lake.

There are multiple campsites on Head Lake, we chose and very much liked the one on the west shore line (not far from tomorrow's portage into Cache).

Tomorrow's trip is: Head Lake to Cache Lake

Portage to Rod and Gun

First portage of the day, 510 meters in to Rod & Gun Lake.

Portage into Pardee

Very short portage into Pardee Lake.

Portage into Harness Lake

Portage of 145 meters into Harness Lake.



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