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рядом с Parádeisos, East Macedonia and Thrace (Greece)

That's a scenic route with lush vegetation. Actually, the name of the area means "Big Forest". That's what many birds call home. The river is wide with plenty of little islands in between. It's like a labyrinth with dozens of routes. You can choose your own route between the islands. You will go towards the sea, anyway ;-) Only two or three times the water was so little in the route we chose, that we had to disembark the kayak.

There are no rapids but there is a nice flow, so the river is very easy even for beginners. You can reach the launch point by a normal car. The car can go up to about 300 meters from the exit point.

We did that route in mid-May 2018 on an inflatable Sevylor Yukon kayak. We completed it in two short days of 3 to 4 hours kayaking each day.

Exit point

A normal car can go up to 300 meters from the exit point.

Launch point

You can reach the launch point on a normal car.

Sand Bank

That's a nice place to wild camp (a bit higher than the river level), or to take a break on the sand!


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