14,15 км

Набор высоты

50 м

Техническая сложность

Очень высокая

Потеря высоты

1 156 м

Макс. высота

3 225 м



Мин. подъем

2 133 м

Тип маршрута

В одну сторону
  • Фото Stanley, Idaho: Snowyside peak
  • Фото Stanley, Idaho: Snowyside peak
  • Фото Stanley, Idaho: Snowyside peak




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3 225 м
2 133 м
14,15 км

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рядом с Sawtooth City (historical), Idaho (United States)

The trail to Alice Lake is very popular because this is one of the pretties lakes in Idaho. The hike to Snowyside is long, but very neat.

After Alice Lake the trail runs high above Twin Lakes to reach the saddle below Snowyside. The trail continues North, but a less traveled trail runs over the saddle towards Snowyside.

The idea is to follow the East ridge of Snowyside all the way to the summit, but just above the saddle there is a serious wall blocking it. Go South, following a ledge and searching for the path of least resistance. The route is steep and there is some loose rock, but in general it is possible to find good footing. Eventually hit the buttress to the Southwest of the main ridge, and then the ridge itself.

Then it becomes a nice scramble on good rock. It gets steeper the higher you go, just keep on top of the ridge. Just below the summit there is a daunting 20-foot wall. To climb it keep to the right, on top of the ridge, instead of going for the rotten rock in the depression to the left. Aim for the notch visible at the very top of the wall.

Consider visiting peak 10651 to the West of Snowyside because it provides a fantastic view of this impressive mountain.

Trekking poles are recommended for this long hike. Gloves would be useful during the scramble.
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Snowyside peak

Маршрутная точка

Leave main trail

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Tin Cup trailhead

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