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Not only gorgeous, but also an extremely important and significant part of St. Lucia as both Pitons are featured in the national flag and are also World Heritage Sites.

As the name suggests it is the smaller of the two Pitons, but a great deal more difficult to reach the summit. The final third having a few vertical rope assisted climbs and one squeeze. Note: Test all ropes before using them to assist you as the majority are anchored to the vegetation and should not be immediately trusted.

Unlike Gros Piton, officially no guide is required to climb the Petit Piton although you may be told otherwise by the locals, as guides earn upwards of $60U.S. Insist that you are only interested in doing it yourself - there is also no entrance fee.

Not too be climbed after heavy rains as the steepest sections become extremely slippery.

Wikipedia: Petit Piton
Petit Piton is one of two mountains overlooking Soufrière Bay in the southwest of Saint Lucia. Petit Piton lies towards the middle of the bay, south of the town of Soufrière and north of the larger mountain, Gros Piton, to which it is linked by the Piton Mitan Ridge. Petit Piton rises to a height of 2461 ft (739 m). Gros Piton is taller than it by about 150 ft.

Wikipedia: Flag of Saint Lucia.
The colours and symbols of the flag carry cultural, political, and regional meanings. The blue epitomizes the sky and the sea, specifically the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea which encircle the country. The black and white allude to the harmonious relationship between the two cultures that dominate the country, with the proportions accurately reflecting the ethnic composition of the island as people of African descent comprise 85.3% of the country's population. The yellow symbolizes the sunshine, as well as prosperity. The two triangles represent the Pitons, which are twin volcanic cones located in the southwest part of the island. Consisting of Gros Piton and Petit Piton, they are a national symbol of Saint Lucia.

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  • denisv777 06.01.2019

    Around 3 hours trail one way(however my friend did it 1.5 hour), really difficult, a lot of climbing in the last 20% of the way
    We are 25 year old climbers, and it is really difficult even for us
    P.S. you do not need a guide, you can go without (officially) trail is very easy to find, guide is just stopping and cost a lot, no entrance fee, entrance on the north of petit piton

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