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3 122 m
17,1 km

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рядом с Scheelite, California (United States)

A climb of Mt. Abbot, an SPS Emblem Peak. A long day out of Little Lakes Valley, early season, most everything was covered in snow above Mills Lake. The snow slope is not as long or hard as Mt. Dade, but the transition to the rocks can be tricky. Some basic route finding skills are needed on the class 2/3 slabs above the snow slope to gain the ridge. Note the GPS track, one must turn N/NW near the top to the Cl 2/3 keyhole and gain the ridge. From the ridge, it's fairly straight forward, dropping to the west side at times to avoid highly exposed obstacles on the ridge proper. The "airy bridge" is the most exposed part, about 4' wide, 8-10' long with huge dropoffs on either side. From there the rest is Cl 2 talus to the summit. No register when we were there (stop stealing registers!) Views are spectacular, though nothing tops the profile of Mt. Mills when you first gain the ridge.

Mt. Abbot

13400 ft height



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