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Uploaded 27 февраля 2007 г.

Recorded февраля 2007

4 031 m
2 718 m
111,03 km

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рядом с  Dzhergalan (Kyrgyzstan)

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  • [email protected] 16.01.2011


    Looks like a interesting track, We are planning to do a very simillar trek this summer.

    Did you flew out by Helecopter or?

    Thanks for sharing your track.

    If you want to share any more information, you can always contact me brechtdemeulenaer at gmail dot com

  • Radims 17.01.2011

    We have been there in the end of climbing season so the basecamp under Khan Tengri was closed and there wasn't any possibility to fly by helicopter.
    We have had arranged transport by car from the end of our trek. It's possible to manage it in Karakol.

  • [email protected] 17.01.2011

    So you got transport from the red dot (on your map) towards Mayda Adyr?

    In the book of Firth Mayer they also mention it is possible to raft down the river, do you know anything about that?

    Did you need any trekking company for the logistics (border permit?)or did you do it all by yourselfs?

    And how is your overall impression of the trek? Remote, nice scenery...

  • zuzi.grace 25.07.2016

    Hi there,

    nice trek :) did you need a permit for that?

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