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I wonder:
Is there (or will there be) a way to UPDATE the file for one of my trails on Wikiloc?
I sometimes publish a trail on Wikiloc BEFORE I walked or cycled it. In that case, it is a matter of drawing the track in a software program like Mapsource and then save and upload the file.
It would be nice to be able to replace the existing trail in Wikiloc by the updated version after I've actualy tracked it on my GPS. In other words: upload a new version of my file into the same trail. In that case, elevation information is suddenly added to the trail.
This is how I work now: I remove the earlier version of a trail and then replace it with a new one. I expect that I lose statistics of views and dowloads in that case.
This is more a "nice to have" than a suggestion :!:

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You have to delete the track and create a new one in wikiloc.

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The procedure is what you currently do and what ldiegoes confirms (thanks btw!). Track geometries cannot be replaced although I add it to the list of upcoming features. Until then, I understand the statistics issue you mention and I'm offering myself to update your new tracks with the former statistics. Just drop me an email at jordi at wikiloc . com with the track link and the former stats and I'll fix it for the new one. Hopefully this will be of help.


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