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I am new here,

I have dowload some traks. by opening is there a message on my pc "not suport the programe."
Is there a programe that i can download on my pc, so i cane open this programe of gps traks.


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you can visualize your tracks with Google Earth, but if you want a powerfull program you can download many programs like:
Sportracks (free)
CompeGPS (version demo)
MapSource (by Garmin)

Others forum members maybe know more programs...


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I use GPSUtility.
Free but with restrictions. Low cost for full functionality with enormous possibilities for
- file conversion
- route, track and waypoint editing
- own map callibration
- etc.

Ik gebruik GPSUtility.
Gratis met beperkingen. Tegen lage prijs: volle functionaliteit met enorme mogelijkheden voor
- bestandsconversie
- route, track en waypoint bewerking
- eigen kaartcalibratie
- enz.

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Hi, best program is gpstrackmaker, downloadable at
good luck.

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Easiset program is "EasyGPS" at

See my instructions for downloading tracks and waypoints and loading them to your GPS at

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