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I have just purchased a Garmin Colorado 300 together with a 2gb micro SD card.

1. Is it possible to download (NOT upload) usable maps from Google Earth, and in particular Wikloc trails, to my Garmin colorado 300?

2. If it is, how is it done?

3. Can one buy preprogammed suitable micro SD card topographical maps of Spain to be used for treks in the National Parks, such as the Sierra de Las Nieves and where are they sold?


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Concerning your items 1 and 2:
Have to disappoint you: Google Earth (not even the Plus version) allows you to upload tracks, waypoints or whatever to your GPS. No matter what brand it is. One can discuss the term "upload" and "download"... it's simply a matter from which viewpoint one is looking.

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Hi Mike

I haven't had a chance yet to put my hands on a Garmin Colorado :) but I'd be very surprised if you cannot easily download your recorded trails from the device to your computer and upload trails you may get from wikiloc back to the Colorado.

To do that you need some software, if you didn't get Garmin Mapsource with the receiver, you still have pretty good options (free) like G7ToWin and GPSBabel: you may find some help here:

Regarding buying topo maps, I'd say that at you'll find highly detailed maps of Spain.

It'd be great to know your advances on this subject on this thread since your device is pretty cutting edge and probably others will face the same issue from now on.


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