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Potxoki wrote:
Grey3000 wrote:

The Idea i was suggesting was not to geotag the photos, but to show a waypoint flag on the gps trail you could click on to bring up the photo... To help describe the trip. They could be simply numbered flags or whatever. I would assume the photos would be geotagged already.


La idea que estoy sugiriendo no es hacerle geotag a las fotos, sino mas bien mostrar una banderita de waypoint en los tracks en la que uno pudiese pinchar para hacer aparecer una foto de ese punto exactamente... para ayudar a describir el viaje. Podrían ser simplemente banderas numeradas o algo así. Yo asumiría que las fotos ya estan "geotageadas"

For Grey3000: I think what Idiegoes doesn't understand is the last sentence. Would you really assume the photos would be geotagged? That's way too much to assume :lol:

In the common case that the picture is not geotagged, I would like to have something similar to Picasa pictures drag & drop over the map, but in this case, over the trail. After uploading your pics, you locate them by dragging and dropping.

I'm unsure of the mechanics of it, i'm not a software coder :) . Your idea to mark non-geotagged photos is good, or use google maps. I would just like some way to show where they where taken, so you can show points of interest along the trail with the pictures.

BTW thanks for the translation ..

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:evil: :evil: :evil:

Voy a pasar de contestar más en este hilo...

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Hi, I'm always late lately... sorry I've just landed on Earth :)

What I understand (please correct me if I'm wrong!!) from the thread is:

1 - Grey has a GPS Camera that saves the Latitude/Longitude with the JPEG file. So the photo is already geotagged. I'm currently gathering info on how to code that, the tool that you (Grey) suggest would do it (thanks btw!)

2 - ldiegoes suggest a way to place photos along the track automatically by reading the JPEG date/time info and finding a match along the track. This works of course as long as the Camera and the GPS share the same time settings. I agree with ldiegoes that there are already tools that let you geotag (i.e add the lat/lon coordinates) photos providing a tracklog as a reference. So at this point I think all agree to stick with Grey's option to deal with already geotagged photos.

3 - Potxoki introduces a third way to drag&drop the photo on the map. He knows that I'm always concerned by letting people draw geographic inforamation by hand. It's usually much better and accurate geodata created with a GPS. But the idea is good for photos, since now people is attaching the photos to the track with no option to put it in the (aproximate) spot they were taken, even by hand would be fine here.

So, -many thanks- for all this great feedback and ideas. I'll surely work on this and hope to have it live as soon as possible!

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