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There really needs to be a way to group multiple track segments together under a single name. For example, I have a three day skitrip across a couple of Icelandic icecaps that I would like to upload, but I would prefer to use one track segment for each day's progress, both because that's logical but also because that way I can size them for upload to GPS units (most only accept 500 points per track).

The change shouldn't be difficult - allow multiple track segments to be "grouped" in the same way a track and mulitple waypoints can now - use the name of the first track segment as the default name of the collection - but allow it to be overridden.

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Hi Leifur, you can create a group of tracks the same way you group a track with waypoints (select tracks instead of waypoints as group components)

Here's a sample trip that groups multiple tracks:

You may take a look at the wikiloc's help section (section 7) explaining how to group your GPS tracks and waypoints:

Btw, I know that the help is a bit outdated... but the process is almost the same. Don't hesitate to contact me by email if you think I could help you further on this.


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