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What I would like most of all is the ability to enter my "descriptions" in multiple languages - allowing the reader to select the appropriate one.

The simplest implementation would be to give the "uploader" (me and you guys) a choice of flag symbols, one would select a flag, enter the description in the appropriate language, select another flag and repeat the process. The first language would be the default for that track but users (readers) could click another flag (if made available by the uploader) to get a different language. This option would be used on a per-track basis (rather than have the user indicate a language preference for the entire site) because that would probably be the simplest option and would avoid the situation of most tracks showing up without any description (because the user's language had not been used by the uploader).

The default behaviour (if no flag was selected and for tracks already uploaded) would be to show an empty (blank) flag symbol and whatever language had been used by the uploader. One could however edit one's existing tracks to add the appropriate flags - and perhaps additional languages.



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Hi Leifur

Good suggestion , i even think you could automate this thrue the website by linking it to Babelfish or an other translation program , then if a user uploads in a given language it automaticly translates to the other default languages like English, German, Portugese and whatever.

Just an idea.



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