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Building on my other thread once again want to say in many ways I love what you guys have built as a basic tool but am constantly amazed at how many things make no sense and never seem to be be improved. One that has bothered me for years on the web version is this....

So you go to the website and sign-in to your account and what do you see? This screen:

I mean....WTF? what could the rational possibly be for this? The first thing most users want to do when they log in is see a map of the entire world and the option to UPLOAD a new trail?

To the contrary, I think most users are LOOKING for a trail, not uploading a new one, and where are most users looking for a trail? probably somewhere near where they live.

Why not make the login screen the "explore" screen automatically showing the map with a radius of 250km from where you live?

As I have already said, you guys have built something useful, now just give it some love and make it more user friendly and intuitive. You have added some nice functionality over the last years like "search by passing area" and "View as photos" (as opposed to list)....great stuff but I think you have the wrong approach. I would put more resources into hiring an amazing UX/UI person (one who is an avid hiker and can actually try and use the app and website like a user would) and have them fix that before putting resources into new features. The ux/ui is the foundation for everything else....get that sorted THEN start adding features. I would pay a few euro more for a product that doesnt frustrate me every time I use it.

And this one is just a suggestion not feedback but would be great if you chose a dozen or so kewords that people could tick off when uploading a new trail (or after following an old one) of things like:

Potable water source, restaurant/cafe, river/stream, camping, parking, waterfall, hotsprings, fishing, hunting, ruins, historical marker, peak, caves, etc. etc..... Often times I am looking for a trail but I only am interested in a trail that goes near a river, or that has some hotsprings. This could be built into the filters tab or become a separate tool.

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