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Hello dear Wikiloc community.
I'm currently downloading some tracks for my next bikepacking adventure. Suddenly I can only download reduced tracks (probably reduced to 500 waypoints). I'm NOT choosing the reduced download.
Tracks that were otherwise between 1000kB and 3000kB are suddenly only 25kB - 65kB.
Is there a limit on Wikiloc about how many trails you can download??
Your input/ help would be much appreciated.

Trails from Nina Gässler
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The same is happening to me, whatsoever the file that you choose, the downloaded track do not have more than 500 track points even for tracks that have more than 20k points...
Any solution?

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We have an automatic anti abuse system that limits your account temporarily if you download a lot of trails in a short period of time. This applies to downloads from the website only and not downloads from the app.

If still have this problem, feel free to message me and I will help you.

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Same problem here.
Yes I downloaded some 10's of tracks in one region. Just to check them out in detail for planning a trip there. Really annoying that I now cannot download full tracks anymore.
Please tell us what the limit is that we have exceeded.
And how long is "temporarily"?

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