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I am new to this and I am trying to add photos to a bicycle trip. I see where you can add photos to a waypoint but it only shows the first 25 waypoints, I have over 10,000. How can I see all of my waypoints so I can get to the right one to add the photo?

Thanks! :mrgreen:

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wow! 10,000 waypoints are so much!! Usually there are arround 10 and 25 waypoints for each trail.
Do not confuse waypoints for points of track, waypoints are points of interest that you want make a remark, and points of track are the trail itself.

But if you want to upload all your waypoints at the same time like a cloud of points, I think that it's not possible. You must upload groups of them separately.

hope being useful.

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The system that I use is a data tracker (MainNav MG-950dm) every second it records a waypoint, 3 hours later... 10,800. Maybe I am calling it by the wrong name, I am new to this, points of track maybe correct but Mainnav calls it waypoints. I can not find anyway on the device to set anything different.... I will keep playing with it there must be a way.

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