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I'm new to this website and am thinking of mapping some long trips (several weeks) using EveryTrail.

Can you update daily (or, I guess, however many times you want) to one trip so that it is current? So, I can I start a hike, finish the day, upload the data to the Trip, start again the next morning from where I left off and at the end of that day, add on to the same Trip? So, basically people can follow progress online?

Or does all the data for a single Trip have to be added at once?


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you may upload part of the trip (like the daily track) and then 'add it to your main trip group'. That way your followers will only have to check the main trip group and they'll see what have you done so far and the last section of your trip. You may find several samples in Wikiloc: This is the main group where the author put every trail from the total days it took her

another, this time not related to a multi-day trip, but just for grouping trails in an area:

If you click in one of the icons on the map you'll see only a single day track.

So you may upload a track , then upload a second (next day), at that point create a group of track1 + track2 called for instance " 2009 trip". From then on whenever you do another part of the trip, upload the track (track3,4...) and add them to the "2009 trip". All the sections will show up in Google Earth in a maximum of 7 days as usual.

Hope it helps, it seems complicated explained but it's faily easy and quick. You may also find some screenshots on how to create a group in the help section:

And if you show the minimap with that group of trails in your blog/website, it'll get automatically updated whenever you add a new track into the group. More info at:

Good luck with your trip, thanks for contacting me by email and I sincerely hope wikiloc be helpful to you in doing your tribute.

All the best,

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