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URL to trip report does not seem to display
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Author:  RetiredInNH [ 29 Mar 2008, 13:31 ]
Post subject:  URL to trip report does not seem to display

Just discovered this wonderful site, thanks for creating it! And thanks to the contributors for populating it with so much useful information!

I have posted my first track, and as part of the posting process I was asked to enter a url pointing to further information. I did enter the url of my trip report, but I can see it nowhere on the display. It is there when I go edit the post, just does not seem to me to show anywhere where users can follow it.

Did I do something wrong, or am I simply blind :D

Author:  Jordi [ 03 Apr 2008, 15:48 ]
Post subject:  URL to trip report does not seem to display

Hello, sorry for being so slow in writing back. The link to your website with the additional info about the track is located above the map, the link is the track's name itself (blue):

Chamonix Zermatt is an adventure that I hope to be able to do some day, it's like a dream for a back-country skier :) Thanks for sharing it

Cheers, and thanks for your great feedback!

Author:  RetiredInNH [ 05 Apr 2008, 01:57 ]
Post subject:  Re:URL to trip report does not seem to display


Thanks for the reply! I probably should have suspected that the blue text was a link and got my mouse over it :D

I am a hiker, not a backcountry skier, and the two routes are rather different. The ski route goes higher, and since it is done in winter it is certainly more magnificent. But the hiker's route is still wonderful. Hope to add several more stages over the weekend. Unless, of course, I spend the whole weekend hiking :D

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