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Disclaimer: All the information needed to access this account was available to anyone without any computer skills. Please take the necessary measures to ensure the privacy and security of wikiloc users.

This is a message to the entire wikiloc community.

Some time ago we informed the administrators that some of the wikiloc accounts had been compromised after the leaks of the last years, like this one that is used to notify everybody about the no response or action from the administrators, including some wikiloc team accounts (nothing has been touched on the account, only the messages are published for everybody to take the necessary measures).

On the other hand, it was reported that there are links that do not work (page not found), comments from users who have unsubscribed, inactive profiles, etc.

Finally, it was reported the need to adapt and comply with the law on protection of personal data, international RGPD and national LOPDGGD since 2018 of mandatory compliance that among other things establishes:

- A proactive action by webmasters.
- Periodic review and removal of obsolete, old or broken links.
- The removal of personal data after a certain period of time or when requested by the data subject.
- The maintenance and updating of all the databases, eliminating everything that has been inactive for years, that is duplicated or with insufficient information, etc. (something that some users ask for in the forum).


P.S. For all wikiloc users:

1- Delete all accounts, services that you are not using. (To avoid misuse or fraudulent use).

2- Inform your friends to do the same.

Best regards.

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