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I would like to talk about a very annoying point, I live in Belgium and when I use the offline map on the application, I saw every time I walk a lot of missing paths on the map!
It's make me mad because when I look to the web site (openstreet-cycle map) these missings tracks are visible !

here is an exemple where you can see some missing paths, even the water is not gives unpleasant surprises :twisted:

I therefore deduce that the offline card is not up to date for Belgium
is there a possibility to download another offline map that would be more accurate and up to date?
I downloaded here
a map updated every month here for my gps garmin edge 800, it's perfect.

I cry to have the same on Wikiloc :lol:

I see in my phone that the map files are in .MAP format.
but here it's a Gmap format, how to make a conversion?

Thanks a lot for your Help or tip

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I have the same problem. Others apps have the possibility to load Openstreetmap, so more paths are visible.

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